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Mineral fuels (fuels), base metals and products of the chemical industry (fertilizers). As a specific weight, imports of fuels and minerals, and imports of cereals and vegetable products, occupied respectively about . % and % of the total of these imports of our country during .Imports of these groups of goods from Ukraine are insignificant. Mainly base metals, fats, and less grains and vegetable products are imported from Ukraine. " Considering the specific weights of the main items of imports from these two countries.

It is estimated that the impact on our America Cell Phone Number List country in the sphere of prices and supply is mainly related to the conjuncture (price movements) of the international markets when it comes to fuels and mining (fuels). While when it comes to grains and vegetable products, or basic metals, the impact of military aggression in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia is even more direct, " the report further states.Rising prices and the energy crisisThe war in Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions against Russia have been accompanied by increased inflationary pressures and production costs in the economy, mainly due to increased energy, food and metal costs.According to BSH, these developments are expected to have a negative impact on consumer demand and private investments.

At the same time, the water situation in hydropower plants has dictated the significant reduction of electricity production within the country and the increase in the volume of its imports at extraordinary prices, according to international exchanges.In these conditions, the fiscal policy has reoriented a part of the income and expenses towards the most priority needs, including the help to cope with the impact on the weaker sections of the society." International developments and meeting energy needs will most likely remain strong challenges for the progress of the country’s economy throughout the year. Dealing with them will highlight even more the importance of good.