CTT - token with authorization code

test run CTT.LKMHFTFEZN (3-march-2020, 03:40 UTC) failed and shows the following error-message from CTT:
com.intuit.karate.exception.KarateException: connect-token-authorization-code-valid-requests.feature:111 - login.feature:82 - status code was: 400, expected: 200, response time: 38, url: https://test.secure-logistics.nl/Identityserver/Account/Login, response:

Unfortunately, here it ends. No “response:” data was shown.
So what response did CTT send after receiving /Account/Login page?
At test.secure-logistics.nl no data was received so no login was processed!

The response for /Account/Login was received but no data was logged due to IdentityServer being unable to find the proper context. Standard seems to be, for login, to put the context in a field ReturnUrl in the POST body. However the CTT stores this data in the POST header, in a field called referer. We will adapt our IdentityServer so tests with /token can be carried out. Question remains though what the normal behaviour should be in this case.