Frequently Asked Questions: Getting started

How can I start using iSHARE?

The first participants have already started using the iSHARE set of uniform agreements. Some organizations implement iSHARE themselves, while others ask their software supplier to include the iSHARE API in their solutions.

If you want to join the iSHARE Scheme, you will have to comply not only with iSHARE’s technical specifications but also with the operational and legal agreements.

Once the iSHARE Scheme Owner has verified that you do indeed comply with all the necessary agreements, you will be admitted into the iSHARE network.

What must I do from a technical perspective in order to use iSHARE?

If you want to join the iSHARE Scheme and start using iSHARE, you must comply with the Scheme’s technical API specifications. An API is an easy-to-implement and accessible communication solution that only provides access to the data that you are willing to share (and not to the underlying systems).

Once you have implemented the iSHARE API, other iSHARE participants can utilize this to request your data. After all, these partners have also implemented the iSHARE specifications as agreed. Whether these partners will actually be allowed access to your data is another matter, however.

For more detailed information and API specifications per role, please refer to the ‘Technical’ chapter of the iSHARE Scheme or the Developer Portal.

Can I continue to use my current systems once I join iSHARE?

iSHARE is not a replacement for your existing software, but rather an addition to your existing software – which means you can enhance your current systems and continue to use them.

Do you want to start using iSHARE? Go to ‘Getting started’.