How to retrieve dummy container data in Postman

If you have downloaded the test postman collection you can retrieve fictive date on a fictive container from Warehouse13. As you may know Warehouse13 is the dummy Service Provider for people wanting to try out iSHARE.

So you in the role of ABC Trucking can get container data by following these steps:

  1. In Postman make sure you Global Variable is set to: “iSHARE Test”

  2. Open this request and hit send to receive an Access Token:

  3. Open this request and hit send to receive date on container #180621:

    The parameters of this request includes the Client Assertion that you send in step #2 PLUS the actual Access Token that you get from step #2.

Hope this helps in giving you a quick idea on how retrieving data works?

If you need help, post below.
Thank you

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